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About Us

Home Economics is the profession and field of study that deals with the basic needs, health, life science, art, economics and management of the home and community. It is also known as Family and Consumer Sciences. Home economics as a discipline functions to extract usable information from various social, physical and biological sciences and delivers it to the profession of home making, and thus strengthen and empower homemakers. The need for home making expertise never diminishes. Human civilization cannot survive without these units. Strength of civilization depends on the strength of these units called homes.This specialized vocational education program prepare others for the important responsibilities of a wage earning home economics related career. Home economics is a field of formal study including such topics as nutrition, food preservation, hygiene, consumer education, institutional management, interior design, home furnishing, cleaning, handicrafts, sewing, clothing and textiles, commercial cooking, cooking, child development, monetary education, and family relationships. It prepares students for homemaking or professional careers, or for just having responsibilities and duties to do at home in real life. Today societies are facing polarization of resources because of high handedness of producers. Home economics education if given its due place could empower the consumers are restore the balance in exploitation of advancement in science and technology by producers and consumers. The only academic discipline that is integrated enough to provide research based guidelines for developing strategies that could assure economic uplift and gender empowerment without losing family as a social unit is home economics.

The mission of the College

The mission of the College of Home Economics is to enhance the quality of day-to-day living of families and consumers and to prepare them to face changes. It is concerned with issues and challenges facing families, which require understanding of societal developments, both local and global.Specialty of the College of Home Economics

• In Bangladesh, this college is only one govt. institute in the field of home economics.

• It is a constituent college of Dhaka University.

• In the Courses of Honours and Masters Specialized technical education are available in five areas of home economics.

• Sound and homely environment are available here for proper education.

This College has attained social recognition for its pioneering studies on different areas of Home Economics with special reference to Food & Nutrition, Home Management & Housing, Child Development & Social Relationship, Clothing Textile and Related Art. The Institute has achieved close integration in its activities between the departmental laboratory, family and the community.